The Ghost of Christmas Present

The Ghost of Christmas Present

I will admit I post quite a few photos to my Facebook stream…thousands of them over the years. They are a part of the storytelling of Dan’s and my lives, and a hobby that I love. Just yesterday, I created a new album to start the Christmas season, posting photos of our trip to choose the Gainey family Christmas tree (we always call it that, in honor of the Griswolds and our favorite holiday movie, ‘Christmas Vacation’)

This morning, I received a comment on the album from a friend, saying it was great to see a photo of Mom…but I hadn’t included a photo of Mom in this album. I went to check, and sure enough, one of my favorite pics of Mom in her pink blouse was there, in the midst of photos of Christmas trees and decorations.  And better yet- the caption under it read, ‘The before picture’.  I felt goosebumps come up all over me…was this some strange Facebook coincidence that of all of my photos, a random photo of my mother shows up in an album dedicated to her very favorite time of year? Or was it Mom, saying hi and wanting to be a part of her favorite holiday just one more time?

I took a deep breath, inhaled the wonderful aroma of the Douglas Fir that we set up yesterday, looked at the decorations in their tubs, ready to bring the magic of Christmas to Chez Gainey yet again. I looked back at the photo of Mom in her pretty pink. The magic is already here- I feel it. The photo is staying right where it is.


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