Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom

I think of them often,
Every day if I am honest,
The pearls of wisdom
That you cast before me.
So often I thought I knew everything,
I didn’t need your pearls,
Only finding with age,
With loss,
That I knew nothing at all.
Now I rack my brain,
Struggling to remember every word,
Every lesson of kindness,
How to be a good friend,
How to forgive,
How to move on.
I hear your voice echoing in my heart,
Reciting bedtime prayers of hope,
Telling stories filled with magic,
Offering solace to my broken heart,
Celebrating in my joy.
I gather each memory, each bit of wisdom,
Holding them close,
Holding you close,
Proudly wearing your string of pearls.

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