Sunny Days and Mondays

Sunny Days and Mondays

It is a beautiful morning here in Birmingham, with Spring bounding in like an excited child, blooms bursting open with joy everywhere- my favorite time of year. After a wonderfully productive weekend with lots of time spent outdoors, I am beginning this week with a clean house, clean dogs, laundry done, some flowers planted, the decks cleaned, and some great quality time spent with my husband. I am holding onto that joy as this week begins, the week before our Spring Break (aka, Yard Therapy Week), as things did not get off to a great start this morning….I’m sure there is a lesson for me in there somewhere- there always is.

The plan was to head out early to observe a student teacher, about thirty-five minutes from Birmingham. I headed to the garage right on time, hopped in the Bug, and turned the key.   Nothing. Nada. Zilch. This is the car that we have spent $1400 on in the past couple of months, and one of the things I had asked the VW dealership to address was the battery. I unloaded the car and headed back to the house, muttering under my breath about the chance of my ever purchasing another VW again, and tromped downstairs. Dan, as he always does when I come back into the house after leaving for work (and with good reason), said, “What’d you forget this time, Honey?” Sort of a running joke with us as I approach that forgetful time in a woman’s life (who am I kidding- no approaching, I am there).   Where was I? Oh, yes, the car…

I did my best to calmly tell Dan about the car and my frustration with not being able to go observe my student teacher, but I don’t think I succeeded very well. Dan was his usual grounded self, telling me not to worry- he would take me to school, and we’d jump the Bug’s battery after work today. I fumed for another minute, and then something clicked in my brain…what was the big catastrophe? I could visit my student teacher on Wednesday, I had a ride to work (or I could walk on this lovely day), and there were plenty of things I could get done in the office this morning before I begin teaching. There was absolutely no need to pop a vein over a car not starting- there are so many things more important than that, and getting upset out it doesn’t do anything but ruin what could be a lovely day. When will I learn?

coops and sophie in bedDan and Kasey

I took a deep, cleansing breath.   As Dan got ready for school, I tidied up the kitchen and loved on the dogs. I looked around at our home and walked outside to see the results of our hard work over the weekend. I thought of my sweet husband who always has such a great outlook on life, and about the terrific students I would get to teach today. The sun was shining over the city, giving everything a magical glow. Now, what was I upset about? No matter- it’s going to be a wonderful Monday.

house and daffodils

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