The Horse on the Porch

The Horse on the Porch

I had a vivid dream last night,
One that caused me to wake with goosebumps,
My breath fast and furious in my chest.
In it, I saw a horse on a porch
Of a ramshackle cottage,
Surrounded by emerald green mountains.
A beautiful red mare,
Her gentle eyes gazing at me,
She began to speak,
“I have been sent to give you a message,
One of hope and mystery.
You waste too many days in worry,
In what was or what will be.
I am here to tell you to live like the animals,
Grounded in the joy of the moment,
For this precious time will not pass this way again.”
She gracefully stepped off of the porch
And knelt before me.
I climbed on her back,
Holding tight to her silken mane,
As she ran like the wind up into the green mountains.
We became one being, one heart,
My worry and fear left behind.

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