Dance Until Your Shoes Come Off

Dance Until Your Shoes Come Off

Spring is here,
After flirting for weeks,
She appeared bashfully,
A wallflower
Dressed in green shoots,
Reaching out through a mantle of brown leaves
Toward a sparkling blue sky.
Red bud trees bursting with cheeky pink,
Daffodils singing in choirs of vibrant yellow.
The winter has been long,
Grating on tired spirits like sandpaper.
But finally,
There is excitement in the air,
Hope dancing,
Draped in color and light.
Spring calls to us
Dance with abandon,
Dance until your shoes come off,
Dance until your heart opens wide,
And loves pours out
Flooding the awakening world with joy,
Blooms bursting with abandon,
Glorious, for all to see.

house and daffodilsP

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