The Easter Gift

The Easter Gift

I was missing you today,
Lost in memories of Easter baskets,
Colored eggs, and Easter Sunday dresses.
One of the many holidays you made so special
No matter how little money was there.
It was never about the money, though, was it?
It was about the spirit of the day,
The magic,
Your zest for life,
The love that was ever present.
And now,
Spring has come with birdsong and rebirth,
As I smile and remember your love of flowers.
You knew every single one by name.
You never had a favorite,
Just loved them all equally,
A gift from your own mother.
I looked up into the sky in the early morning light,
And saw it- your Easter gift to me,
Beautiful wisteria dangling from the tree,
Wisteria that I swear wasn’t there just yesterday.
My reminder that you are with me
In the lessons you taught me,
In the love and courage you instilled in me,
In my memories.
A gift and a reminder,
To live my life,
To look for beauty and light,
To be the beauty and light.


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