Open Up

Open Up

I talked with a sunflower today.

She and her friends had gathered in my kitchen, their heads nestled together companionably.

She told me she’d been watching me, and noticed that I seemed to run from one thing to the next like my hair was on fire.

I gave her my usual excuses…”It’s the end of the semester, I have so many performances, so much to do!”

She shook her beautiful head sadly. “When will you finally understand? Life is not in the running from one thing to the next. Life- real life- happens when you open up. Slow down, open your heart and mind, look around you and see what you are missing in your haste. Spring is here, and it is fleeting…and so is life. Why waste a moment of it?”

I listened to her- really listened, as she continued…

“Take a lesson from we flowers. When Spring comes we burst forth in joy, doing our best to bring every bit of beauty into the world that we can. We don’t last forever, but while we are here we make a difference- we make the world a better place. Won’t you try it?”

I smiled at her and thanked her for her words.  She winked at me and turned toward the sun’s rays coming through the kitchen window.  Her friends nodded in solidarity, the light catching their bright yellow locks. I took a moment to savor their beauty- and their message.  Such wisdom from those who shine so briefly.


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