After a Gentle Rain (More conversations with flowers…)

After a Gentle Rain (More conversations with flowers…)

After a gentle rain, the world was damp, quiet, and clear.  The rich smell of the earth a rare and wistful perfume. 

I saw her, dressed in robes of green and yellow. tears glistening on her cheeks,

“Why so sad?” I asked gently, not wanting to upset her further. 

“Oh, there is no sadness here. These are tears of joy, tears of hope, tears of wonder. 

I held everything in through the long winter until I could hold it no more and burst open to greet the Spring. Life is to be lived, and I’m here to tell you that life is beautiful- every single moment of it. I’m not wasting any of it- no regrets here. I’ll be a beacon of beauty for all to see for as long as I can. and when I’m gone- don’t mourn my loss.  Celebrate that I lived so richly, and know that we will meet again when Spring returns, as it always will. Eternal magic, eternal hope.”

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