The True Heart

The True Heart

There is a period of time

As a loved  one’s life nears the edge,

A time filled with doubt and fear,

A loss of control, a painful giving in,

The inevitable crossing in the horizon,

A sacred time. 

Some approach this as a burden,

Additional duties,

Unpleasant tasks,

An interruption of life,

But the true heart sees something else,

A cherished gift of love,

Of compassion,

Of gratitude for a life that has meant so much,

Given so much. 

The True Heart faces each day with hope,

With patience,

With tenderness and love,

All the while knowing that these days will not last,

They are treasured moments that will stay in your heart. 

The True Heart feels gratitude

As she bends to kiss his wrinkled cheek

And wipes away his tears with her own. 

(Dedicated to my friend, Lisa Dingle, and her Old Yankee Man.)


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