Checking in on Making Changes

Checking in on Making Changes

To hold myself accountable during this summer of reclaiming my healthy body, I have promised myself to post updates on my blog. It just helps make me think twice before making an unhealthy decision knowing that I’m going to be writing about it…and every little bit of fear encouragement helps.

Today was my one week weigh-in after drastically overhauling my eating and exercise plans. I’ve learned a lot about myself in this short time, mostly things I already knew that were buried away by time and stress. I’ve learned that I am strong, that it feels really good to make good choices for myself about what I eat and drink, how I move my body. I’ve learned how good it feels to push my body…even when it doesn’t feel good at first. And I’ve also been reminded how much more efficient I work when I have a goal and when I start to see the results of my work. I can’t take any of it for granted- this is my time to learn how to eat and exercise for life- not for a diet. Diets don’t work, and I’m living proof of that.

I felt excitement when I stepped on the scale this morning, instead of the usual dread. I could feel the changes starting in my body already, and I was right…down 9.1 lbs. I know that the weight loss will taper off and not be so dramatic, but it was a great motivator for sure. After sharing the news with my support group of friends, I hit the neighborhood for a good walk mixed with some slow running. I am training for a 5K Color Run at the end of May. I will get there, one day at a time, one healthy choice at a time…Change is coming. Strike that – change is here.
Sweaty but happy. :))

4 thoughts on “Checking in on Making Changes

  1. I was in week six of road to healthy full court press when Spring Break came. Sadly, I jumped ship and all restart attempts have met with disaster!! However, I’m not giving up. And reading that YOU, someone I view as ultra-healthy to begin with, have decided to make positive changes has made me realize that it’s well-past time to get back on the boat! Good luck, Denise. And thank you!!

    1. It is a life-long struggle for so many of us. Life happens, and sometimes you just get off of the path. Here’s hoping we both can get back to and stay on a healthy path. Sending good thoughts to you. ❤️

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