Look up

Look Up

There are so many opportunities to see the dark side,

The anger, the unrest, the inhumanity that flashes on every newscast,

The struggles are real, and we are often drawn into a web of anxiety, fear…sometimes hatred blossoms, the cruelest flower.

Darkness is not the only way, though. Let’s break away, emancipate ourselves from the chaos, walk a different path. There is so much more to life than what spews from talking heads on a screen.

Look up, look into the blue sky and see the the glorious majesty, the birds soaring, the freedom. Look into a child’s eyes, see the joy. Find the good stories, the good people, that are everywhere, if you will only seek them, the stories that don’t make the evening news.

Start where you are, one act at a time. Be a bright light in the darkness, helping where you can; Feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, educate the uneducated, love the loveless…give back again and again. Gifts of kindness and compassion that spark change, one person at a time, rippling out into the world. You truly can make a difference with one flicker that ignites a flame, growing brighter and stronger each time it is shared.

Instead of complaining about our life and our world, let’s become what we want it to be. What a world we could have…what a world we do have.

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