In Search of Love

In Search of Love

I went out to search for love today,
Thinking it would be in some lofty place,
In a tall tower, locked away.
Love, so mystical, so elusive,
I sought to hold it close to me,
Even if but for a moment.
I started my quest in the garden,
Where the irises swayed in the sun.
I found love dancing there,
Her eyes sparkling in the beauty of the Spring day.
I found love in the soaring Robin and the darting butterfly.
Love filled the garden, singing chansons of red roses and bumblebees,
Her music filling my heart with gentle strains,
My search over before it began.
Love was everywhere, even in the simplest of things,
A reflection of our hearts, our souls,
In memories of love past
The joy of love present,
And the sweet promise of love yet to be.


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