Living in the Wild City

Living in the city of Birmingham, I am still able to find the beauty of the wild when I am at home. All sorts of creatures come to visit…and some stay. 

 A brown Skint joined us for lunch on the decks, enjoying the warm sun.  
A possum stopped by to check things out.   
Color and beauty everywhere…  
Sometimes we have to lend a helping hand to our visitors…  
 The rare jungle cat at rest.  
 Wild beasties…. 
 A frequent visitor who likes to stop by our bedroom window to say hi.  
The jungle cat is stressed from a day of adventure.  

 Man and beast.  
 The fierce mountain dog surveys her kingdom.  
 Captured! (But who captured who?) 
 Woman, beast, and fire… 
On the prowl…  
 On guard… 

Just passing through….slowly…


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