What I am Learning

I’ve said before that I often feel like I need training wheels as an adult. Even at fifty-two, each day continues to bring new life experiences that make me aware of just how much I have yet to learn. There are so many things that I want and need to improve on in myself. I like that idea, though, that we can learn and grow right up until our dying breath, as long as we keep our minds open.  Still, I wanted to check in with myself and think about some of the the hard-earned lessons that I am learning and working on…and I do mean working on. It’s one thing to know what you should do, and a whole other thing to fully act on it. One day at a time…

-Sometimes love isn’t enough, and you have to love yourself enough to walk away. 

-When your heart breaks, it grows back stronger- no matter how many times it gets broken. The cracks let the light in. 

-Always choose kindness, even when faced with anger and hatefulness. It is never the wrong choice. 

-Life is too short to do something that you don’t love, so follow your passion. The saying is true- if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. 

– Be of service to others in anyway that you can, big or small. It makes you see the world from other perspectives- so important in developing empathy and compassion. And, it feels good. 

-Laugh. A lot. Laughter raises your spirits and lightens your load. Gather people around you who make you laugh- they are priceless treasures. 

– Be a true friend. Be that person who can be counted on, who doesn’t think twice about going “out of your way” to help a friend in need.  It’s not really out of your way…it’s the way to selfless love. 

– No one is always right- it doesn’t matter if it is religion, politics, or ice cream- everyone will have differing ideas, and that’s okay. The world would be a boring place if we all were exactly the same. Be open to and respectful of new ideas, if for nothing else, to be able to make intelligent choices about what you believe in, and to understand those with differing ideas. It’s the only way to keep the lines of true communication open. 

– Be open to change. It is inevitable, and change has the power to keep you young at heart and bring the most wonderful things into your life. 

– Beauty has so little to do with our outward appearance, and so much to do with what is on the inside. 

– Never give up on love. It is worth going through fire to find it. 

– Nurture your mind, body, and spirit in whatever way works for you. Your total health is your greatest wealth. 

-Be humble about your gifts. There is always someone better than you out there, and that is a good thing. They are there to inspire you to reach higher. 

– Education is important to our society and our world, as no one is truly free unless they have been educated to make informed choices. 

– Don’t be shy about telling those you love that you love and appreciate them. You aren’t guaranteed another chance, so if you feel it, say it. 

– Make time for yourself to be creative in whatever way speaks to you- play an instrument, write, draw, paint, take photos, sew, knit, sing…do what brings you joy. It will change your life in wonderful ways. 

– Let go of fear. Don’t let it rob you of the joy of trying new things or of letting go of hurtful things. It will be okay…you are so much stronger than you think.  

– Be kind to animals and to our planet. Nature is a one of the greatest teachers of all. 

And finally in my very incomplete list…

– When you think you’ve learned it all, you’ve only just begun to scratch the surface. Use every opportunity to learn and grow, to become a better version of yourself. Small steps are so much much better than no steps. 

 Just some thoughts….I will hold on to my training wheels, as I have a long, long way to go. I plan to enjoy every moment, though, even when I stumble and fall, as the goal is ahead, and it is beautiful. 


2 thoughts on “What I am Learning

  1. Denise, how timely your post was. Today I auditioned for a storytelling event at a local coffee house called the Caffe Lena in Saratoga. As large as my fear was my desire to challenge and test myself. There were few things on your list that didn’t apply to me in the last several days. You’ve assembled a fine list and one worth writing down and tucking in your back pocket.

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