To my dearest friend of thirty years…

To my dearest friend of thirty years….

You were told this morning that you have breast cancer, after seemingly endless days of waiting to hear the results of the biopsy. While I am deeply grateful that they have caught the cancer early and your doctors already have a plan of attack, I am scared and angry. You have fought this battle with cancer before and won, and I’m angry that you have to face it again. I am angry that I don’t live close to you so that I could be there daily to help you through whatever you will have to face in the coming days, and I’m scared….scared, because you mean the world to me, and I hate the thought of you being frightened or in pain of any kind.

Proof that Diane and I have been laughing together for a long time. Were we ever that young?
Proof that Diane and I have been laughing together for a long time. Were we ever that young?

No one deserves to get cancer, such a cruel and indiscriminate disease. It has taken so many of my loved ones over the years, and with each diagnosis, another chunk of my heart is broken into shards. You are truly one of the most amazing women I have ever known, and I have been in awe of your strength, your determination, your many talents, your intellect, and your heart, from the beginning. We met as young clarinet players at Florida State, with you entering the program as I was almost ready to graduate- already a star. Everyone recognized how special you were as you set yourself apart early on. Even though I am older, I have always felt that you were the leader, the one who always forged ahead bravely when I would hesitate. You have been my hero. Because of you, I have pushed myself to be more brave, I have been more open to new experiences, I have become a better teacher and player, I have learned new things, I have grown as a person…all because of you and the wonderful example you have set. You have done that for so many, I have absolutely no doubt.


You have been there for me through my darkest days, always my cheerleader, my confidant, my inspiration…my sister in every way but blood. I am calling on all of my angels to look after you, to comfort you, to heal you. In the meantime, I am here for you, to listen, to laugh with you, to cry with you, to be your best friend, as I always will be. We have so many adventures left in store for us, so much laughter, so much life. As you have always been, be strong, be brave, be a fighter, all the while leaning on the many, many people who love you. There is a whole army of us on your side, and we will be praying and surrounding you with a shield of love and healing energy.



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