A Visit From Two Spirits: The Ghost of Joy and The Ghost of Inspiration

I had two dreams last night that were so real that they felt like two loved ones had come to deliver messages to me.  They affected me deeply, and this morning I feel energized and full of purpose.  I believe strongly in the power of dreams to teach us, to help us work through our issues, and I welcome their lessons. 

In the first dream, my mother visited me. She was my mother as an old woman, and I could see each deeply carved wrinkle clearly, could see her face in a way that I’ve not been able to  capture in my mind since she died. The difference was that she was not feeble or infirm in any way. Her blue eyes twinkled and she giggled and laughed, making all those around us laugh, too. She put her hands on my cheeks and drew me close, looking into my eyes. “Neese, it is so wonderful- they told me I don’t have to take any pills ever again- isn’t it amazing?” She was filled with joy, and I felt her joy filling my heart. “There are so many possibilities, Neese, so many wonderful things to live for. Don’t be afraid. You are so loved.” She patted my hand, and I woke to Dan gently stroking my fingers. He was afraid that I was having a nightmare and was trying to gently bring me out of it. I assured him it was no nightmare, and I smiled as I told him I had had a visit from the Ghost of Joy. 

In my second dream, my mentor Kal Opperman came to teach me again. He also was himself as a very old man, but he was full of energy and life. He was working with a group of students, and then raised his index finger to signal everyone to listen as he so often wordlessly did in our lessons. He picked up a bass clarinet and began to play an incredibly challenging piece of music. He would pause, look at me, and then begin to play again. After serenading us, he came to me and said, “When are you going to get past your fear? Finish my book- you are ready. Remember what I’ve taught you- time is not to be wasted- you can’t get it back.” He cocked his index finger at me as he tilted his head, admonishing me to take his lesson to heart. I have had a fear of letting the manuscript of my book about Kal go, wasting precious time. I needed his blessing, this visit from the Ghost of Inspiration.  

It is again time for me to face my fears and move forward, something I need to do on a regular basis. It becomes so easy to take the path of least resistance, but life with all of its beautiful rewards happens when you take the other path- the path of challenge and growth. I am back on track, and it feels right and true. I am sending gratitude to my two Ghosts, still teaching me. I have no doubt that they always will. 

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