The Mirror’s Gift

Over the mantle of years,

The mirror became my enemy,

Pointing out each flaw,

Every imperfection. 

I began to avoid it’s critical gaze,

Its taunts of “you are not worthy”

A mantra echoing in my mind. 

All I could see was a wrinkle here,

Extra pounds there,


Not good enough. 

Until the day I broke free

From the mirror’s tyranny. 

Instead of flaws,

I saw my mother’s spirit,

My father’s determination. 

My heritage. 

I began to see character, strength. 

In the wrinkles,

I saw wisdom, perseverance. 

In the extra pounds,

I saw a zaftig woman,

A beautiful woman with perfect flaws,

Filled with potential and fortitude,

Ready to change the world 

Starting with herself. 

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