Inhale, Exhale

I woke in the early morning hours, the world quiet except for the gentle breathing of my love. 

At first I felt my stomach knot in worry, in fear, old demons that rise to taunt me from time to time, the regrets, the litany of what if’s. 

As I listened to him breathe, I began to mimic his relaxed, deep inhales and exhales, so peaceful in slumber. 

I saw the metaphor, the one that always chases away my demons…

Inhale the future, exhale the past. 

The past holds no power over me, unless I choose to live in it….a life without life.  

The future holds possibilities, ripe with opportunity and joy, with hope. 

Let go of failures, of sadness, embrace the gifts of the unknown, seeing the past as a valued teacher and nothing more. There is nothing to fear- the demons are all smoke and mirrors, as substantial as the mist. 

We can only live in the moment. Why waste that moment fixated on what happened or worrying about what will be?

In my meditation, I felt the knot in my stomach dissolve, becoming butterflies of anticipation for the beauty the day would bring, beauty of my own making, my own election. 

Life is filled with so many choices, and I have made mine. 

Inhale the future, exhale the past. 

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