Sights and Sounds of the City

I have been on a mission to capture some of the sounds of the season around Chez Gainey. Even though we live right in the city, I am always amazed at our ability to feel so ensconced in nature. The weather adds another layer to it all, and Alabama is known for having some impressive weather events. Here are a few of the vignettes that I captured on video…Come with me!

An early morning storm from the sunporch, with lots of wind, thunder, and lightning. We love watching storms here, as it feels like we are out in them while being safe and sound. 

The same storm from my music room, also a room with lots of windows. It feels like the lightning is right in the room when it strikes. 

Yesterday evening, I went up to the top deck to listen to the cicadas and frogs, and to enjoy the sunset…

The night before last brought us one of many surprise fireworks displays from Vulcan Park, which is just above our home on the mountain (or at least “mountain” by Alabama standards. Dan gives his signature thank you at the end…and we always hear the neighbors around us laugh. The dogs were not so happy. 

One of my favorite captures was in Spring on a foggy early morning, as the birds greeted the day…

A beautiful, windy day on the top deck, accompanied by Kasey, our cat. The top deck is my place of peace. It never fails to calm and inspire me. 

I am grateful to live here in ‘The City of Trees’ as Birmingham is often called. Chez Gainey is a wonderful place to observe it all, rain or shine.  I hope that you always find the beauty around you…enjoy!

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