On Soggy (but Perfect) Celebrations

We had big plans for the Fourth of July…a gathering of friends out on the decks to grill, enjoy good conversation, beautiful views, and the amazing annual fireworks display at Vulcan Park, just above our home. Everything happened as planned, but it was a rainy, dreary day getting there. There is a certain beauty to those kind of days, though, especially a day spent at home with people you love. 

We were awakened by an intense storm at 3am- thunder, lightning, and a downpour like we’ve not seen in quite a while. It lasted all through the night, putting the dogs on edge and keeping us from getting any sleep. I was very thankful that I had gotten a ton of yard work done the day before, because there would be none done today, for sure. The rain continued throughout the day, along with the occasional ‘Ka-Pow!’ of hopeful and eager Fourth of July revelers with their own fireworks. 

 Soggy, but ready!

Just as time came for our friends to begin arriving, the rain stopped, leaving us with cooler temps and a lovely evening to enjoy. As I looked around the gathering, I felt such gratitude- for my sweet and generous husband, who loves to open our home to friends, working so hard to make sure everything is just right; for our friends, old and new, who bring wonderful diversity, interesting stories, laughter, and love to our lives; for our funky old home that we have worked on for twelve years, and that is a never-ending project of love for us. We have countless riches of the best kind. 

  Smoke settling from some amateur fireworks (aka: dog terrorizors)

   Top deck views..
We capped off the evening by watching the wonderful fireworks show, and then enjoying the views and good conversation on the top deck.  All of the hard work was so worth it…it always is. The only Gaineys not so sure about July Fourth celebrations were the furry ones. Kasey handled it pretty well, but Coops and Sophie? Well, they are still a tad hung over this morning… 

   Kasey having a pre-party snack. 

  Chill time…

Life is good- all of it. When I start to stress out about the little things or even the big things, I remind myself of that. There is so much to be grateful for, most especially friendship and love…the greatest gifts of all. 


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