Night Flight

Flying through inky darkness,

Crossing time zones, leaving one world behind,

One world ahead. 

We departed to billowy clouds, soft and gentle,


Hot towels, tiny meals, cramped quarters,

That and a passport, the easy price to pay for adventure of this kind. 


But for now we race through the night,

Fleeing from darkness,

Catching up to morning,

Catching up to a city already ahead and awake. Alive and vibrant, ready to tell its stories. 

Madrid calls to me, with whispers of

History, of beauty, of change and challenge. 

I fly through the night with an open heart and an open mind,

Ready to receive the gifts that are waiting within your walls.  An awakening for me at long last.  I am ready. 

 Made it to Madrid!


5 thoughts on “Night Flight

  1. Beautiful. I have never been overseas, but want to go. Everybody wants to see Italy, and so do I. But I want to see Spain first. Have the most wonderful adventures, Denise!~Deb

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