Day Seven in Madrid: Street Views

Today has been a long one filled with ClarinetFest meetings, inspirational recitals, and connecting with clarinet colleagues and friends from around the country and the world. I love walking through the Conde Duque and hearing the many different languages and accents- everyone bonded together by the love of the clarinet. I truly value the experience of being surrounded by such a diverse group of people. It opens your eyes and your mind to the world beyond our own little backyards. A shift in perspective that is freeing and empowering. 

I feel the days slipping away…I don’t say that out of any sense of regret- I am enjoying every moment here. However, I do see my opportunities to visit the Prado and the Royal Palace dwindling. ClarinetFest ends on Sunday afternoon, and I leave on Monday morning…and so tomorrow I will have to find a way to seize the day amidst meetings and recitals. I like a challenge. 

After a wonderful masterclass with Italian virtuoso Corrado Giuffredi, I headed back toward the hotel on my own. I love to look down the streets as I go, and with the particular light at 7pm, there was an extra magic to each of the narrow cobblestone-lined streets.  There is a great deal of  history here, and though this isn’t the Prado yet, there is so much beauty to be found. Come join me…


2 thoughts on “Day Seven in Madrid: Street Views

  1. Can’t imagine those narrow little streets in the US! But they seem to be everywhere overseas and they are fun to walk along with everything so close. I hope you get in your time to sight see! 🙂

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