On Everyday Magic

I felt a sense of anticipation when my eyes popped open early this morning. There was no big event taking place, no exciting trip on the horizon…but still, there was a certain magic in the air- an everyday magic. That special  early morning light streamed into the room, and I smiled as I looked at my husband’s chest rise and fall in peaceful slumber, the dogs hogging the bed with their usual abandon. How lucky I am, I thought to myself, to wake up to this every morning. 

I went up to the top deck to greet the day, looking out at the city framed in hues of blue and summer green. The wind was gently blowing the trees, and the birds were singing their morning song, so full of joy for another day of life. I am probably imagining it, but I thought I felt a touch of fall in the air. When I catch myself worrying about silly things, I try to remember how blessed I am to be alive, to be living in a loving and happy home. Anchors in a world that is so often filled with anger and fear. We humans get so wrapped up in things that don’t really matter sometimes; what he said/ she said, the quest for more material possessions…the animals have it right- live in the joy of the moment. It’s all we ever have, all we are guaranteed really, isn’t it? I think of my best friend, Diane, who is battling cancer for the second time in her life, facing every day with grace and positivity, sharing her story in the hopes of helping others. She knows what really matters, how precious life is. Perspective…

As this day continues, I am going to keep looking for the everyday magic, the little things that we might pass by in our hurry to get where we are going and check off that next task, but that are truly spectacular if we put them in perspective. I am grateful for the gift of love, light, and laughter in my life, grateful to live another day to learn and grow. So many gifts if we will just open our minds and our hearts and see them. 


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