Happy Blog Anniversary…to Me

I received a note from WordPress that today is the second anniversary of my blog….I can’t believe it’s been two years. I’ve written five hundred and eighty-nine posts (including this one) during that time, and  I have learned so much. A mentor of mine told me that I should start writing a blog- it would change my life, and he was so right. 

From writing, I have learned more about who I am and my perceptions anout the world. I grew even closer to my mother at the end of her life and learned more about the amazing woman she was by sharing her stories. I have grown more confident, become a better person and musician. I’ve tried new things, faced my fears. I’ve traveled the world and shared the experiences. I’ve made some wonderful friends, and opened myself up more to friends and family. All of this from the gifts of expressing creativity through words, photos, and videos. 

I hope that I never stop writing a blog until I check out from the world, and I look forward to the new things I will learn in the years to come. It’s not about being a professional writer for me- it’s about  a love of writing and storytelling and a desire to get better at the craft. Thank you so much to those of you who read my blog and have supported me along the way- I truly appreciate it. Happy Anniversary…here’s to many more!


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