On Derailed Lunch Plans and the Gainey Wing at UAB Highlands

Dan was going to have yet another really busy day at the theater.  “No lunch for me today, Honey- I’ll see you this evening.”  I went about my morning, taking care of some house chores when my phone barked.  No, really- it barks when Dan texts me. Goofy, but it always makes me smile.


Okaaay….I aborted my plans to head outside for some weed pulling, and jumped in the shower.  I headed down the hill to the Pita Stop and ordered our lunch, and waited.  And waited. And waited.  Dan’s lunch had arrived and was sitting on the table. He texted to ask them to keep it warm…”twenty more minutes”.  I wait. And wait. Another text comes in…


So, my husband invited me to lunch ON HIS WAY TO THE ER after cutting the bejeezus out of his pinky finger with a box cutter. Now, for normal people, this would be an understandable error in judgement, but the Gaineys are not ER virgins. We have a wing named after us at the UAB Highland’s ER after all the visits that Mom, Dan, and I have made there since it opened just down the hill from our house, conveniently right on the way to work, no less. Dan told me he thought he’d be in and out in twenty minutes…over two hours later, he realized that wasn’t the case.  The irony in all of this? He was at the ER ACROSS THE STREET from the restaurant and didn’t tell me.  <insert deep sigh> I had the waiter box up Dan’s meal and took it home so that he could enjoy it on the back deck as he regaled me with his latest ER adventure.  We were both thankful that he avoided evil Dr. Ratched, the doctor who I’ve had the misfortune of getting twice- once when I broke my ankle, and the last time when my back went out.  She has the compassion and bedside manner of a grumpy turnip.

Dan wil be fine, and he’s already headed back to work with his stitched up pinky.  I’m heading out for a walk to clear my head before finally getting in some yard work. I’m hoping that our lunch date tomorrow isn’t so exciting…You just never know around here. And- as long as no one gets hurt- I kind of like it that way.


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