On Yoga Cats and Bubblewrap as Fashion Attire

My day began very early as it usually does. My eyes popped open a little after 4, and I got up soon after, leaving Dan and the dogs in the quiet of the dark bedroom. I headed up to my gym to do some yoga, my favorite way to start a long day of teaching. My early morning gym time has long been bonding time for me with our cat, Kasey. She has come to love the ritual of following me up the steep drive to the garage gym in her bouncing gait, ‘talking’ to me with her “Ma-Ma!” cry that she only uses for me. 

Once we’re in the gym, she explores some and then settles down close to my yoga mat and grooms herself, before treating me like her own personal jungle gym. She waits until I’m in plank position before jumping onto my back or rubbing against my defenseless face….putting me at ground zero for being close and personal with the end of her I’d rather not get too aquatinted with- or for the ever-popular fiber-rich cat tail sandwich. Her next trick is to time her affectionate moments for when I’m in a difficult balancing pose…or covered in sweat. I love every moment of it- who has a workout partner that makes them laugh all the time?

The day was full of good things, teaching fun students and lunch with my frazzled sweet Dan. He is still in his marathon of shows and will be at the theater late every night for the foreseeable future. I decided that I’d run to the grocery store after teaching, and loaded my double clarinet case on my back, and my computer bag and purse over my shoulder. I headed out of the music building as all of the marching band students were gathering to head to the practice field. I walked at a fast clip as I always do, and headed across the busy intersection by the music building. Just as I was approaching the safety of the curb, our Assistant Director of Bands called out to me. I turned to look in her direction- very foolishly for someone like me with the dominant klutz gene- and missed the curb. It all seemed to happen in slow motion as I twisted and pitched forward, the weight of my clarinets propelling me over as the case flew over my head, my computer bag and purse taking flight as well.  I fell hard on my knee and hands, and then rolled over, my things scattered on the sidewalk. My colleague rushed over and sat with me while I collected myself and assessed the damage- badly scraped knee, elbow, palms, and bloody toes. I was pretty banged up, but I was more worried about my clarinets (they were fine, thankfully). 

I finally stood up and tested my knee…not so good. Thankfully the Bug was just feet away, and I limped across the street and piled my belongings and myself into the car for the short ride up the hill to Chez Gainey. At that moment, I felt a strong longing for my mother. Such a childish thing, but memories flashed through my mind of her tending to me, kissing my hurts to make them better. Somehow those kisses truly did seem medicinal. After the initial sadness, I started to smile, thinking just how much I am like her- clumsiness and all. 

 Medicinal heating pad, ice pack, pain meds, dogs, and HGTV. 

I have spent the rest of this day on the couch with a heating pad on my back, ice pack on my knee, pain meds, and our two goofball dogs (who weren’t impressed, as this derailed our afternoon walk). I am considering wrapping myself in Bubblewrap as a new safety precaution and fashion statement. Don’t laugh- it could become the next big thing for those of us who are gravity-challenged. 

My best friend sent this photo to me, saying this was what my mom looked like when I fell. I have a feeling she’ll be looking like that a lot…and I bet she giggled today, too. I certainly am my mother’s daughter, klutziness and all. Hey- I am thankful for small mercies…at least I wasn’t wearing a skirt.

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