The Twirling Woman

Around and around she spun,

Her arms flailing, heart pounding,

Confusion at every turn,

Life blurring past her,

And still she twirled,

Under sun, moon, and stars,

Through bright sunshine and turbulent storms.

At long last she stumbled, 

Falling to her knees,

Her head bent in silent prayer,

In relief.

She slowly gazed around in wonder,

Seeing beauty where before there had only been chaos.

Years of running, never stopping to really see,

And now a whole world opened up before her. 

Her lips lifted in a Mona Lisa smile

As she let go of the chains that bound her,

Feeling strength surge through her veins,

Walking, head held high

Into the glorious light of day,

Flying free, joyful,

A twirling woman no more. 


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