On Symbols Lost and Found

We are almost home from our beach escape, and I am looking forward to the enthusiastic greeting from the animals when we get there. It was a lovely trip- a gorgeous condo that I lucked into finding for a great price, perfect weather, and four days of seaside bonding with Dan. It was just what we both needed as Dan ends his insane summer of shows and I begin my own insanity with several recitals and a full teaching load. Nothing is perfect, and this trip had a glitch, as well…Dan lost his beautiful engraved gold wedding band in the ocean and we weren’t able to find it, even with help. He worked so hard this summer that he has lost quite a bit of weight without trying, and it slipped off of his finger, even though he’s worn it in the ocean with no problem all these years. My sweet friend Tess aid that we could think of our love “floating forever in eternity.” I like that…and it helps to soften the loss of an important symbol of our love. 

My best friend reminded me that the ring is a symbol, nothing more. Even though we had a sentimental attachment to the ring, its loss doesn’t undo our marriage or devotion to one another. I was surprised at how calm I felt when Dan came out of the ocean, his face creatfallen, to tell me what had happened. The me from many years ago would have freaked out, but I just felt sad for Dan feeling so badly…and I felt a peace that this didn’t change anything. Rings can be replaced, but a love like the one Dan and I share is what is priceless. The ocean claimed Dan’s ring, nothing more. It didn’t take away our joy at being together in a peaceful and beautiful place. I’m grateful for that. 

Symbols are reminders and can have great significance, but the only magic they hold is what we give them. Dan and I are both romantics at heart, and we are sentimental over things dealing with our relationship. I’m glad that we are like that…but also glad that we know where our real treasures are- those deep in our hearts that can’t be held…only felt. Like our waterfall on the Nantahala River in North Carolina, the beach at Seacrest will be a place where some of the story of our romance is kept…a story that has many chapters left to unfold. I told Dan not to worry- I’ll marry him all over again. Yet another adventure. 


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