The Pieces of Me


An interesting discussion popped up on a creative group that I belong to, beginning with the topic of  introversion/ extroversion, but going beyond that, too. It caused me to think about what makes me ME…

“Sugar and spice and everything nice,”

I can still hear my mother’s words,

What little girls are made of. 

I am no longer a little girl,

Now a woman in my prime,

Or is it past?

And I wonder…

What are the pieces of me?

A study in contrasts,

Sweet and sour,

Strong and soft-hearted,

Brave and timid,

Shy and class clown,

Teacher and musician,

Wife and friend,

Animal lover,


Self-doubt and confidence,

Prim and proper,

Klutzy and elegant,

Part my mother,

Part my father,

Part just me,

Sentimental and practical,

Childless but maternal,

Writer of stories, 

Gentle and loving (I hope),

Happy and hopeful,

Dedicated and loyal,

Fiercely protective,

Curious but cautious. 

So many different pieces,

Impossible to name them all,

But each and every piece is important.

Each one makes up the complex woman that I have become and am still becoming. A tapestry that is ever changing as I grow and change with life, hopefully becoming more rich, spicy, and interesting with the passing of time. Like everyone else, I am a product of many, many things; ideas, influences, passions, background, education, relationships…as unique as my fingerprint. I like that. 


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