Bring Your Own Sunshine

Birmingham has been inundated with rain for three days now, leftovers from the huge hurricane that hit Mexico with such force. I love rainy weather when I can stay at home by the fire, snugged up with a good book and my two favorite dogs, but getting out into it to go to work, especially on a Monday morning, can be a challenge. The gray weather and incessant rain seem to drag my spirits down, and also keeps me from going on my crack-o-dawn ‘hood walks that have become an important part of my daily routine. It’s a challenge with the dogs, too, as my mental-but-sweet border collie mix, Sophie, will put her face right into a full-on garden hose, but takes great exception with walking on wet surfaces. And don’t get me started on the wet leaves everywhere- where it was pristine after all of our hard work over the weekend, it’s now a slippery, colorful, mess. Overall, just a great chance to allow negativity to slip into my world…if I let it. 

I decided to see things differently while the rain sits and stays over our Magic City. I noticed the beauty of the clouds, day and night, the wonderful atmospheric stage they set. I opened the windows and listened to the rhythmic lullaby of rain as we went to sleep at night. I took a walk in the light rain and remembered how much I loved playing in the rain when I was a child, and then laughed with students and colleagues as we dashed to escape the deluge walking to school. Of all the things to get upset about in the world, maybe a little much-needed rain isn’t one of them. Over and over I remind myself how important my attitude is to my quality of life. I’m one of those “glass is half full” kind of gals, but if the glass is half-empty, then I’ll fill it up myself. I just figure on days like this, I need to bring my own sunshine. Luckily I have a full supply on hand. 


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