Coeurs Ouverts (Open Hearts)

Iconic musician Leonard Bernstein’s famous words above in response to violence spoke to my heart today after yesterday’s senseless acts against innocent people in Paris. I don’t understand any of it, don’t understand how human beings can treat each other in such horrendous ways. My husband often quotes A Course in Miracles, saying “everything is love or a cry for love.” I want to understand, I want to be able to have compassion for the misguided souls who feel it is “God’s work” to kill and maim innocents, but right now…right now my heart is only filled with deep sadness and yes, anger. What can I do as one person to stand against the horrors of terrorism, the senseless shootings and murders that happen in my own city every day, the hordes of angry people everywhere? What can one person really do?

I think that I will follow Leonard Bernstein’s advice to start; I will make music more passionately, I will love more deeply, I will show kindness to others, I will be gentle with the creatures of the Earth, I will write uplifting words, share images of beauty through my camera. I will teach my students to be accepting of those different from them, teach them the importance of integrity. I will keep my heart open and my smile ready. I will treasure the moment, because that is all we are guaranteed.  And I will shed tears for my fellow human beings in Paris who are hurting, standing with them against fear and hate. 


2 thoughts on “Coeurs Ouverts (Open Hearts)

  1. So well put. I think most of us are feeling pretty helpless and hopeless, in light of the violence in Paris yesterday. I think Bernstein had it right, though. Do what you can from where you are to the best of your ability. That will surely add beauty to the world. Speaking for myself, the main reason I became vegan was because it was a way for me to stop contributing to the violence and murder against my fellow earthlings. I know it’s not always a popular stance, but it makes all the sense in the world to me. Gotta follow my moral compass. I’m praying for the soul of the whole planet tonight.

    1. Lynn, I think if we all followed our moral compass as you have done, the world would be a much better place. Little changes and acts of kindness done by many make huge changes for the good of all.

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