Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

The past couple of days have been headache inducing.  Not just the “I think I’ll take an aspirin” kind of headache, but the throb of monster pain that makes my eyes cross.  Not a good headache to have when you are a clarinet teacher with lots of freshmen learning to play in the altissimo (high register).  Sweet Jesus. It’s those times when I realize what a saint my mother was to listen to all of the horrible sounds I made when I first started playing clarinet in the seventh grade.  On top of that, I’ve been worried about Dan about his surgery, there has been some professional drama not involving me but swirling around me, and the crowning glory- a rat has died between our ceiling and attic – where we can’t get to it- and our house smells of death.  Mary Poppins is doing her best to find the spoonful of sugar in all of this, but you know that quote, “Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards”? Let me tell you- stressed and desserts are just not the same, no two ways about it.

  Dan with his Heavy D-approved medicinal post surgery Sonic chocolate shake. 

Life is like that, though, isn’t it? The old saying, “When it rains, it pours.” holds true so often.  I’ve decided that when several not-so-great things converge as they have this week, it’s either a really bored bunch of angels messing with me, or it becomes an opportunity to readjust priorities and discover my hidden strength…and get over myself being a worry wart (which I come by honestly…I am the daughter of Heavy D, Queen Worry Wart, after all). I am often disappointed when I realize that yet again I’ve allowed myself to either worry about things over which I have no control, or let things overwhelm me rather than taking on each challenge one at a time…which is always much more manageable.  The headache? There’s a big storm headed our way- I’m sure that’s a big part of the pain. It will get better soon. Dan’s surgery? He is safely through the worst and is being a good patient…we’ll deal with the $49,500 knee replacement when the time comes. The professional drama? I just need to let go of worrying about things I can’t control, stay above the fray, and be positive and professional…just do the work- always the best thing to do.  The rat? Well, that one stinks…literally.  We can’t get to it, so we’ll just have to wait until the poor guy is no more…and I hope it is soon.  I only have so much incense and candles I can burn…and then it just smells like flowery death anyway.

  One of the rats made t outside to my driveway…

Along with the stressful stuff, there’s the dessert-y stuff of life though, too…eager students who come to lessons ready to learn; good friends who have called, sent flowers, and come by to visit with sweet Dan; a husband who is being a great patient (and laughing with me as we wince when Eau de Rat wafts over us…well, laughing and cringing…and holding our noses). There’s the burned-out apartments next door that finally all came down today, giving us hope for healing- and a period of quiet and calm. And, when all else fails, next week is our fall break for Thanksgiving, and I have the entire week off to recharge and prepare for the big push to the end of the semester.It’s smelling sweeter around here all the time…at least I think it is.

 It’s not the Berlin Wall, but seeing the last of the burned-out apartment walls come down was wonderful! 
  The world looks pretty darn good. 

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