Thanksgiving: Food Comas and Stories

I am in a food coma…We just got home from an amazing Thanksgiving feast at The Boys’ (aka, John Wayne, aka, Wayne and John) home. These men are like brothers to me, and I can never even begin to repay them for the kindness they showed my mother. Mom and John were best friends, watching Dancing with the Stars and other tv shows  together over the phone religiously for years. The Boys  would visit with her and make her delicious meals. Most importantly, they teased her relentlessly, making her laugh. She loved them like sons…and gave them lots of grief, treating them like they truly were her own. What a joy to sit around their table, talking and laughing, telling Heavy D stories. It was a good day.   

Wayne and John’s home is a work of art in itself, changing every time we see it. They have a great eye for beauty, along with incredibly soft hearts. They bring in any stray animals that they find, and make sure to invite any friends over for holiday meals that may not have a place to go. I love walking around their home looking at all the interesting things. Mom used to sit on her walker and exclaim at all of the antiques she would spot, insisting that I look closely at them and ask Wayne or John the story behind them. I could feel Mom with us today, her spirit presiding over the table…and the Apple Crumb Cake that Wayne made, just because it was Heavy D’s favorite. 


I am thankful that we have kept the tradition of spending Thanksgiving with Wayne and John after Mom’s passing. Traditions are important, anchoring us to who we are and those who are important to us. I have so many wonderful memories of Thanksgivings past…and today added a wonderful new chapter. Life goes on, but how much richer we are when we bring along good friends and happy memories. 

  My favorite men in the world…Wayne (holding Otis), Dan, and John. 


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