In an Instant

In an instant, everything changed. 

My battle-weary heart stood at attention,

Knowing somehow instinctually that this was why I had come to this new place. 

It all began when I saw his face,

With its gentle brown eyes and easy smile,

Kindness flowing from him like a river. 

I looked into his eyes and saw my future, my destiny, one soul sharing two bodies. 

I saw hope and laughter, and felt a love that I’d never known was possible,

Everything became crystal clear. 

My heart pounding, my stomach feeling as if I had been punched by a prize fighter,

The most wonderful feeling in the world. 

I would have scoffed at anyone preaching love at first sight before this moment. 

Over twelve years later, I will never scoff again,

As my life changed in an instant,

In ways more miraculous than I could ever imagine. 


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