On Saying Yes…Again

Dan and I came to each other with bruised but determined hearts. Each of us searching for the love that we knew was meant to be. Even after twelve and a half years, we are romantic and silly, the little things and the symbols of our love important to us. I wrote in September about our trip to Seacrest Beach in Florida, and that Dan lost his beautiful wedding band in the ocean. We were heartsick, and there was just no money to replace it with his knee surgery happening and our upcoming renovations to the foundation of our century-old home.  We let it go, knowing that when the time was right, a new ring would be found. I jokingly told him, “No worries, I will marry you all over again.”

Just a few days ago, Dan decided to go through some gold and silver jewelry from the past that we no longer needed. We have been on a huge de-cluttering spree, trying to simplify our lives.  We just don’t need so much stuff, and others could use the things we no longer need to hold onto. He asked me to look through my jewelry box, and I found some rings and a few lone earrings that I would never use to add to his pile. He said he was going to take the items to sell them for the gold and silver, just some extra money for the holidays. I didn’t think anymore about it. 

I came home after a very long and challenging day at work, and as I walked into the house, Dan called to me, “Honey, come here- I have a surprise for you!” I walked into our bedroom and Dan took my hands, smiling as he gazed into my eyes. 

I felt this pull to gather these items and sell them. I felt my father guiding me, telling me this jewelry had a better use in store for it. Once I had completed the transaction, I asked the man if he had any wedding bands, and he did. I looked at the collection and immediately my eyes fell on this: 

 I tried it on, and it fit perfectly. Gold and platinum, just perfect. And- the ring was the exact amount of the money I got for the gold and silver. So my question is this…will you marry me again?

Tears sprang to my eyes as I told him that I would of course marry him again, this man who has brought such love and joy to my life. We embraced and laughed as we talked about how our parents had to have had a hand in all of this from their heavenly vantage. Dan’s dad was a huge romantic, and both of his parents supported him in everything he did always. I could see Heavy D’s consternation that he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring…

Neese, he needs to get a ring on that finger right away! 

It’s all good, Momma- we’re officially hitched again. 

And I am smiling at my sweet, goofy, romantic husband, who made a little Christmas magic happen, with the help of a trio of pretty cool Angels. Thanks AG, GG, and Heavy D. 


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