A Thank You

I walked into Senior Care and smiled when I saw the snowman by the poinsettia. I wasn’t surprised – another hello from my angel. I waited in the seating area for several minutes until Dr. Ballio walked out, smiling in instant recognition. I carried my gift of tulips in my arms and of gratitude in my heart, tears streaming down my face as soon as I saw her gentle smile. 

I waited a year until I thought I could come to see you, to thank you. 

She took me in her arms and held me, saying how much it meant to her that I had come to see her.  She noticed the pendant I wore, the beautiful necklace from Holly Kallie, from the painting she did of Mom and I. 

Oh, that is beautiful!

It was a gift from Mom’s Space People…

I’m so glad that you had them to help you get through it all. 

Me, too. I want to thank you.  My mother loved you, and so do I. You made a difference in our lives, and I will always be grateful to you. 

You have no idea what it means to me to hear this- thank  you. 

One more tearful embrace, and I left Dr. Ballio to return to her busy schedule, to care for other seniors in need of her compassion and kindness. I sat in the Bug for a few moments to compose myself before I headed home. My heart hurt, still feeling the pain of my mother’s loss, but I also felt healing and strength. Another step forward.  And I felt my mother smile…a wonderful gift. 


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