Storms ‘a Brewin’!

This Christmas Eve’s Eve has proven to be an interesting one, with severe weather sweeping over the South in fits and starts. We are in a lull in Birmingham now until the next waves hit us on into the night. I have an irrational fear of tornados- always have. I am thankful to be home with Dan and the critters to watch everything unfold…and I send peace to anyone and everyone affected by the storms. One gift that comes from this weather is the beauty of our rapidly changing view. I am in awe of Nature’s power and glory. 

 It begins…. 

Power and glory

Nature sings her siren song

Fireside vigil 

4 thoughts on “Storms ‘a Brewin’!

  1. Denise, Warm thoughts coming your way as I watch the weather news this morning. Birmingham hit by severe weather. Hope Dan, You and those fur balls are all OK. Stay safe. Have a wondrous new year. Audrey (Bedlam Farmie)

    1. Thank you so very much, Audrey- I appreciate you thinking of us. We had a scary time, but thankfully the storm dissipated just as it approached us. Some were not to fortunate. I hope that you had a lovely holiday. Happy New Year to you! ❤️

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