The Legacy of the Space People


If you look closely at the snowflake, you can see ‘Denise’ and ‘Dan’…

I was a part of a creative group on Facebook for three years, a group filled with wonderful, talented people. Over the years, we shared our hearts and creative spirits with one another, developing special bonds of friendship. We have been there for each other through joys and sorrows, propping each other up when needed, and encouraging each other to blossom and grow in our respective creative endeavors. I have these people to thank for adopting my mother in the last two years of her life, drastically improving the quality of her life with the cards, calls, friendship, and gifts that they shared with her.  They also supported me tremendously at the end of her life and throughout the challenges of grief and beyond.  Gifts like this you just can’t repay.  Mom was ninety when this all began, and she never really did understand what Facebook or the internet were, so she dubbed her fan club ‘The Space People’.  It stuck. This Christmas season I have been reminded of the legacy of the Space People…kindness, generosity, encouragement, and friendship.

The bonds created are real and lasting- a rare thing in an internet community filled with so much anger and contentiousness. Many of us have met in person, we send cards and gifts, we talk on the phone, we are in daily contact on Facebook. It is a powerful thing to be a part of a community like this, one that has a well of encouragement and support that never runs dry. When you open your creative soul to others, you are vulnerable. When you do that in an atmosphere of positivity and trust, amazing things happen…things that can change lives. We often say it is like ripples in water…you start with one good thing, and it continues to ripple out into the world, unstoppable. The Space People truly are out of this world…and I am so grateful.

Thank you, Beth Heffern, for the beautiful snowflake and card, and for reminding me that Heavy D is watching over me…and thank you to all of the wonderful Space People- each and every one of you.

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