The Parable of the Four Muses

Once there were four strong women,

Brought together by the fates,

To create, to grow, to inspire. 

Each very different, yet each the same;

A ponderer, a leader, wHicked funny and smaHt,

An adventurer, braving the wilds with thoughtfulness,  passion, and grace,

A nurse, fiercely loyal and brave, with a soft heart and a quick wit,

A musician, searching for her voice, her heart on her sleeve. 

They supported each other through joy and sorrow, and all that lay between. 

Separately, each woman was brave and determined to bring good things into the world, to live meaningful, authentic lives. 

But when they came together…

Together, magic happened,

Together, they were invincible,

And wonderful things came to be. 

(There is magic in friendship. Dedicated to my creative friends, Lisa, Tess, and Jen. Thank you…and here’s to great things in 2016!)

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