A life is made of moments,

Moments that bring goosebumps,

Tears, laughter,

Punch you in the gut intensity,

And an almost painful tenderness.

I am trying so hard,

Trying to be in the moment,

Let it wash over me,

Baptize me in raw feeling,

Where each precious moment

Imprints its story on my heart

And in my soul

The abyss to the stars,

The pain and the joy,

And everything in between.


4 thoughts on “Moments

  1. So easy to reflect on past moments, or worry about future moments, but focus on the present moment? Something for which we should all strive. Amazing photo of your amazing view.

  2. You express “in the moment” so well. I got that punch you in the gut feel today…must be Monday. Tears! Tears to learn of David Bowie’s passing! Maybe just needed a “reason” to bawl. Happens a lot lately.

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