On Waking up to Dogs

It began innocently enough; the night our bed companion cat, Rosie, died, our Border collie, Sophie- for the first time ever, came to the side of our bed, staring at us with her soulful brown eyes. 

Honey, look at sweet Sophie. Just this once couldn’t she sleep with us? 

Soft-hearted Dan agreed, and “just this once” is still a nightly event six years later. Sophie is a wonderful bed buddy, and other than the exception of a propensity to sleep on top of Dan’s feet, she is never a problem. We would bring our Akita/Lab mix, Cooper, upstairs with us on special occasions or during storms. She is a bed hog, and in our queen-sized bed, she snored loudly, tap-danced on the footboard, and took up valuable real estate. Those “special occasions” also became every night several years ago. We are softies, somehow making it work, deciding it was better to keep the family all together. And you wouldn’t believe how good Coops is at guilting us. 

 I am the first one to wake in the early morning hours, and I’ve made a habit of snapping a photo of the first view I have of the dogs. They never fail to make me smile when I think of the love and devotion we have received from these two over the years. I don’t sleep as well when I’m away from home, missing the warmth of their furry bodies pressed next to me, the sounds of their sighs and snores always so comforting to me. If I wake from a nightmare, I reach down to feel the closest dog’s soft fur, and my racing heart calms. Such a gift they are to us. Couple of cover-stealing goofuses. :))


6 thoughts on “On Waking up to Dogs

  1. Denise, they are smooth talkers I tell ya!! 🙂 I’ve always slept with mine and can’t imagine sleeping without Jillie next to me. I don’t trust Hannah Banana quite yet to be a free range pup while I’m sleeping, but when she’s a bit older, she will join the pack. I am like you, when I have a bad dream or wake up anxious, I automatically reach for Jillie and she makes everything okay. Oh, and Atticus and Abigail are usually somewhere on the bed and Elsie has begun slipping under the covers with me sometimes. Wrapped around our little fingers…who exactly is in charge here?!

  2. Love dogs on beds. Cookie starts out on my side of the bed
    , goes to her bed later on and ends up between us about an hour before we get up.

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