Brain Storms

I am in the throes of a brain storm,

My thoughts and emotions swirling like frenzied maelstroms in my head. 

One moment calm, the next a chaos that brings me to my knees. 

Long-held tears making a prison break from my heart. 

I will myself to breathe, to focus on the good,

I write, I walk, I meditate. 

The storm begins to recede, its edges less sharp and jagged,

My breath returns, as if my lungs have finally broken free from their iron shell,

My mind calms, the world comes into focus,

I begin to see each challenge ahead of me, one at a time,

Instead of the terrifying impenetrable wall I saw only moments before. 

One day at a time,

One hour at a time,

One minute at a time,

And sometimes one moment at a time. 


Each day is precious, struggles or not. 

I will be a warrior for my life,

Sailing through the storms in the darkest of night,

All the while knowing that there is light on the horizon.  

I can feel it in my bones. 


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