The Anatomy of Play

We had our first Spring-like day in Birmingham yesterday, and we made the most of it, cleaning up the effects of winter from the yard and decks. It felt so good to have my hands in the soil again- even if it was just pulling weeds and not planting flowers and herbs yet. That’s okay – winter is beginning to release its grip, and Spring is in sight. My heart is happy at the thought. 

 My favorite part of the day (other than the amazing dinner that Dan grilled for us) was playing with the dogs. They seemed to feel Spring coming, too, and even at eight (Cooper) and nine (Sophie) years of age, they still love to play with their red tug ball. Sophie doesn’t quite get it sometimes, but Coops brings one of us the ball throughout the entire day wanting us to tug and then throw, over and over…no matter what we are doing. When we don’t jump in and play right away, she chews dejectedly for a while and – invariably- drops the ball over one of the decks. I captured it yesterday, and it made me smile…

 And so it begins…  

Kasey enjoyed the day, too… No chasing balls for her, though. She just finds her Zen.  

I am so grateful for our animals and the joy they bring us every day. And maybe I need to learn a lesson from them, too- we need to make more time for play. 

Oooh, and the chocolate-covered strawberries that Dan made weren’t too shabby, either.  


6 thoughts on “The Anatomy of Play

  1. I was just thinking, this morning, as I was playing with one of my cats, that people, who choose not to have pets, are missing out on so much joy…….
    I loved your post, and pictures, on this Sunday, Denise 🙂

  2. Our dog, Molly, a Labra-chow (who looks very much like your own two dogs) is an elderly girl. She turned 14 in Oct. Although she has pretty good mobility most of the time…she’s very much slower than she used to be and hardly ever runs—unless she’s barking at the mailman. HOWEVER, she too must be feeling spring-y. The last three or four days she’s been racing around the house like a Daytona racecar, inviting everyone to play, barking because it’s fun and smiling. She smiled when she’s happy.

    How does anyone get along without a dog in their life???

  3. HAHAHAHA, Denise, Coops looks like a bear sitting there with his red ball!
    Down here in Texus :), I’ve been working out in the yard and readying flower beds since I moved in! I have even planted some flowers!!
    You guys have a wonderful day!!!

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