Rainy Days and Mondays 

Rainy days and Mondays,

A mismatched pair,

Bickering and grumbling

Like an old married couple,

Long grown weary from too many years sparring. 

But this rainy Monday would be different;

Just this once,

I decided to look past the bleak landscape,

The dreary prospect of a soggy and stressful work day

After a weekend of sunshine bliss,

Just this once, I looked for the beauty. 

I found it there, 

In the monochrome sky,

Its subtle tones shifting in the light,

In the rhythmic patter of the falling rain. 

I found it in the wet tree limbs glistening against the backdrop of the cloud-shrouded city,

My own personal Oz. 

I found it in my heart

When I chose to see the opportunity

And not focus on the struggle. 

One small choice,

Made for one beautiful day. 

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