Steampunk, Baby!


 I leave Sunday afternoon for a week-long Midwest recital tour with my best friend and our Amicitia Duo, and so today my husband and I had an uber special date. Dan surprised me with VIP tickets to see Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios in Atlanta, and it was worth every penny and every bit of trouble to get there. Creativity gone wild- so fun, innovative, and thought-provoking.  I will be processing it for a while. 

The theme of the show was Steampunk, which I love. The fascination with a time gone by, with simpler days, has always resonated with me. With Dan and I both being in the arts, both in performing and in presenting shows, it takes something very special for us to want to give rare free time to invest in a performance. Kurios was exactly the type of performance art that Dan and I love- over-the-top creativity, incredible production quality, and the best talent out there. Cirque has a winning formula, but even with the formula, they recreate themselves with every new show. 

I wasn’t able to take photos during the performance, but there was so much going on before the show started and after intermission, that I was at least able to capture the flavor. The acrobats were amazing, and-combined with the most creative set and storyline I have seen- it made for a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat show. I am amazed at what the human body can do with expert training and preparation. I would see it again in a heartbeat.  So glad that I bought the glasses…. And that I married such an incredibly sweet man. 



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