I Remember

    Me with my best friend’s mother, “Mom Cawein”

I got to see my best friend’s mother yesterday. Diane and I went to visit her and help her with some things before we headed out on recital tour for several days. She is one of the most kind and gentle women that I know, and is experiencing some serious health issues. Seeing her, knowing what my best friend is facing, brought back so many memories of my own experiences…and those memories brought some tears, but also many smiles. 

I Remember

I remember her twinkling blue eyes,

Her silvery mane of hair, coiffed just so,

That whiff of hairspray,

And White Shoulders,

Her ready smile and giggle,

Her stories- how I miss her stories;

Her hair barrettes and special pins,

Outfits so carefully chosen,

Special jewelry, always the lady. 

Chinese checkers by the old gas stove,

Gentle hugs that cured the problems of the world,

Her fierce loyalty,

Her kindness,

Her stubbornness,

Her courage,

Her insistence on counting to one hundred in German, just to prove to the doctor that she had all of her ‘marbles’,

Word Search puzzles,


Sonic chocolate shakes,


Apple pies and banana puddings,

Laughter and tears,

Beginnings and endings. 

Most of all, I remember the love,

Always the love. 

How grateful I am that time and space,

Nor even death,

Can dull its power. 


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