Gifts of Spring


Dan texted this photo to me with the caption, “Come on home!” I had had a long and busy day at school, and stayed almost two hours later than I had planned trying to get caught up from being away on tour all last week. I smiled at Sophie’s sweet, graying face and told Dan I was on the way. It was such a gorgeous day, so I put the top down on the Bug and enjoyed soaking in the sun on my short ride home. 

  Cooper takes in the view…

Dan had been to see our orthopedist and had finally gotten some relief from his constant knee pain (total knee replacement in his near future). This, combined with the beautiful weather and a rare evening off with sunlight remaining  meant one thing- time to head to the top deck with the dogs to enjoy our wonderful view for the first time in ages. I have missed it up there, as it is one of my favorite places to think and soak in the beauty around us, and it never fails to calm and ground me. The dogs are wonderful companions as we all settled in to gaze at Spring’s return to the city. Every day, the trees fill out more and the Red Bud trees become more vibrant in their pink glory. Seeing everything come back to life brings us both such joy, and we talked and dreamed about the future. 

 And then there is the gift of the sunset…  
Finding these pockets of time to enjoy our home and each other is so important. It’s easy to get wrapped up in work, in chores, in the upsetting and often ridiculous news of the day on tv- all of it draining our spirits if we let it. Up on the top deck, I am reminded yet again to be grateful for my life and everyone and everything in it. Spring break begins on Saturday,  and I am looking forward to tons of yard therapy;  pulling weeds, trimming bushes, planting flowers, and getting Chez Gainey back in all of her glory after what has seemed like a very long winter- so many good and happy things to come.  Life is short, and with that in mind, I’m making a promise to myself to climb these stairs up to our little bit of paradise more often over the next months. It holds a special magic, an elixir of beauty for my heart and soul. 

Thank you for reading!

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