Spring Delights 

  Our first Iris of spring….

Wednesday was the first day that actually felt like spring break. Maybe it was the glorious weather, maybe it was that I finally got to spend the entire day in the yard, pulling weeds to my heart’s content- yard therapy. I so love seeing the world come back to life after the long, colorless winter.      

The dogs, as always, were my faithful companions. Cooper stood guard, while sweet Sophie indulged in her favorite past time of chasing wood bees. I wish I could capture the look of surprise on her face on the rare occasions when she catches one. 


There is something that touches my soul about days like this when I am able to be home and really pay attention to the beauty of nature around me- something I often overlook in the normal rushed pace of my life. Seeing the tender green shoots and buds begin to unfurl feels like the most wonderful present. I look around and appreciate the work that Dan and I have done on our old home, all of the plants that are now here because we planted them and lovingly cared for them. It all looks so different from the scraggly, overgrown mess that we bought twelve and a half years ago.  This home, our Chez Gainey, has been our hobby, our passion, our refuge.    


At the end of a long day of physical labor (and after a nice, hot, Epsom salts bath), Dan and I took the pups up to the top deck to enjoy the sunset and a glass of wine. I am nothing but grateful for this time to recharge…I didn’t realize just how much I needed it. This place and the great love that is here helps to heal me time and time again. There truly is no place like home. 

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