Scenes from a Life

It all began so innocently- A friend asked to see a ‘before’ picture of our house after my last post, and suddenly hours had gone by as I became lost in photo albums filled with memories of all kinds. My life passing before me in the shapes of family, beloved pets, homes, vacations- pivotal moments captured in celluloid. For at least the hundredth time, I said a prayer of thanks that Heavy D loved to capture moments with her camera, and that she had instilled that same love in me. What a gift to be transported back in time, to let the memories wash over me. It never fails to make me grateful for my life, and everyone who has shared my path. 

There was evidence of my junior high band-geekdom….(Diva Warrior Clarinet Princess, anyone?) I had no idea then that band and music would set the course of my life in so many ways. 


Things have changed a little bit….but I’m still a band geek. 

Then I found some favorite photos of Mom and my dear aunts and uncle, all gone now. 

And, oh, the dogs….Coops from puppy-hood to big lug…

And Sophie when we first adopted her at seven months old for Mom….


There were memories of my past life as a middle school band director…

And time studying with my clarinet mentor in New York…


There were vacations to special places….


And so many fun holidays and celebrations…



So much life captured in these images. I don’t want to live in the past, but I do want to appreciate and celebrate the people and events in my life, the experiences, the change- every bit of it. Looking back with the vantage of time, we are able to see things that we never really could appreciate when we were swimming through it all.  I do my best to be grateful always, but seeing these images touched me in a special way, reminding me of where I came from, how far I have come, the challenges I have faced and survived. They remind me of the many wonderful people and animals that I have known and loved, of homes that held my heart, of friends who have always been there. They help me to see my successes and my failures, all important, all coming together to make me who I am. They also make me laugh- oh, the many bad hairstyles throughout the decades…

I look forward to filling many more photo albums with scenes from my life over the coming years. Looking back helps me to move forward with a knowledge and confidence that can only come from experience. I’ll do my best to learn from it all and grow…and I will always be grateful for these memory-filled photos that help to show me the way.  



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