Date Night at Chez Gainey: Spring Edition

We finally got to enjoy a real date night out on our decks last weekend, something we have not been able to do for months thanks to winter, weather, and just life getting in the way. With strong storms coming on Easter, foundation work beginning on our home on Monday, as well as the end of my Spring Break, we wanted to make the most of this precious convergence of perfect weather and an empty schedule. 

The pups were all in for an evening of relaxation. We can all learn from them- they have chillaxing down to an art.    

Kasey got in on the action, too…  

Dan even built a fire in the fire pit, probably our last one of the season…but I hope not.    

 We took in the beautiful sunset from the top deck and then settled in the ‘sunken living room’ part of the decks to enjoy a cocktail and relax a while before Dan got busy grilling.   


Dinner was amazing; grilled salmon and veggies, along with a nice Pinot noir and wonderful conversation. I love these evenings where we get to talk and dream and laugh together, all while enjoying the home we love so much. Truly better than any fancy restaurant in every way. There was even entertainment!  Mr. MacKenzie gettin’ jiggy with it.

  A fine cigar to top it all off…

At the end of the evening, we took the dogs with us up to the guest house to spend the night. It feels like a getaway…but we get to stay right at home. The views of the city are always breathtaking up there.    

This weekend is supposed to be really nice (after a week of storms and tornados), and I’m hoping for another evening out on the decks to celebrate life and love- all thanks to the beauty of Spring.    


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